About us

About Us

Averest Food is excited to share its wide range of sweets that spread happiness and excitement to people all around the world. Averest Food is a brand of confectionery owned and licensed by the Turkish owned "Averest Group". 

The Averest Food range (shown in our catalog) includes the soft BubbeGum™ fluffy unicorn coloured cotton candy, caramel, chocolate and fruit flavoured popcorn, Avesta™ range soft gummy candy, liquorice, toffee, hard candy with many, many more magical things to come! Breaking ground in 2016 Averest Food is fresh and simply makes it best.


Mission and vision

Vision: Leading by providing quality and flavour rich goodness with the taste of happiness  

Mission: Deliver our range world-wide in accordance with international quality standards and in support of our company goals.


Our Values

Our values were one of the most important reasons for our success:

- Be efficient, consistent and reliable

- Prioritise our consumers and need and interests 

- Use the best quality ingredients in the market

- Value every single person within our magical Averest food team

- Integrity and ethics in every action

- Strive for growth in every aspect